Phil Dogg Productions

Feel the bite



  • Phil Dogg Productions (PDP) is an Australian independent production company created by Phil Jennings.

  • The company name was first thought up by Phil in 2008 in TAFE, when he was thinking of a name for a production company.
    'Phil Dogg' (or 'PDP' as Phil is called by one of his cousins) is a nickname his friends called him in school, TAFE and even today still. It is a nickname that will always resonate with him.

  • If you would like to discover a bit more about the man himself, please click on the 'Phil Jennings' link in the website header.

  • Check out the website and if you have any comments or questions, please let us know. Check back later for new updates to this website. There is more coming to feast your eyes on.


PDP constantly strives to create the most exciting content possible.

In that case, PDP cares about producing meaningful and entertaining 'stories' - stories that resonate strongly with audiences.


  • Short films
  • Music videos
  • Weddings
  • Other special events

Please feel free to check out the video gallery (and 'Other Work') to see some of the work we have done. 

More videos as time progresses...